A little happiness for a night at Lake Millstätter See

A shelter under the stars for the “Time for Two” in Carinthia

It is a poorly kept secret, but it is quickly apparent that the greatest happiness comes from the smallest things. Little moments that have everything, but they behave quietly, not seeking attention. Almost invisible – yet this can be a mistake. They are always there, waiting patiently to be recognized.


"To give an ordinary appearance to the ordinary, to turn the banal into a secret."


Valuable Time for Two
And then there are those places in which it awakens, in which it arises from a deep slumber and enthusiastically asks: Are we there yet?

The bivouacs on Lake Millstätter See are places where happiness comes from inside your heart and stretches out to the dearest person who is under the starry sky with you. Then it expands like the sound waves of a bat at dusk. If you take many small moments of happiness, they slowly grow into a great happiness. Two of the mighty keys are gratitude and Time for Two.

Simplicity in the middle of nature
A night in the bivouac for two puts things back into perspective. Everyday life fades as the pinewood elements of the small refuge in the middle of nature lowers the blood pressure and deepens the sleep. You are left with only the essentials and a soothing simplicity that directs the view outwards and upwards.

When exactly did we forget to look at the starry sky? A night in the bivouac enhances the sky, and with it the love and the sensuality.

A retreat for the “Time for Two”

Enjoy the view of the evening stars or the morning sunrise through the panorama windows. Decorated with native larch, pine and spruce, the bivouac offers a large bed, a table with comfortable chairs and cozy lambskins, as well as separately accessible shower facilities and a bathroom.

Mobile phones, keys and calendars can be stored in a small space at the entrance, so that one can experience the stay uninterrupted. The glass door opens so the choice is yours - bring nature into the bivouac for breakfast or simply enjoy it out on the porch!

A retreat for the “Time for Two”


Logoleiste BIWAK

Das Projekt "Biwak unter den Sternen. Rifugio sotto le stelle." wurde im Rahmen der Tourismus-Innovationsmillion durch die Europäische Union und den ELER sowie vom Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft ausgezeichnet und unterstützt.


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